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Morro de Sao Paulo hotels and tours

Surprise yourself! Welcome to Morro de São Paulo!

The small village of Morro de São Paulo is located at Tinharé island at the state of Bahia, just off the coast of Brazil and just a few years ago it was not on the tourist's route. Word has spread of its idyllic beaches, buzzing nightlife and variety of Morro de Sao Paulo tours and activities. Despite this, the place has kept its charm and it is still relatively untouched, with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. During the summer it is one of the most amusing places in Bahia, while during the other seasons it is the perfect place to spend the days or even weeks in an authentic Morro de Sao Paulo hotel or pousada for a calm and relaxing holiday.

Despite the good connection to the mainland, cars are strictly forbidden on the island and the only way to get around is walking, by horseback, by tractor or by boat.

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In a nutshell, Morro de Sao Paulo is a paradisiac island, and there are many things to see and do. The island has four beautiful beaches with warm, clear water and they are known by the numbers assigned to them, all these beaches are within walking distance and are great to take advantage of during your Morro de Sao Paulo tour. Cars are strictly banned on the island, but you can get around easily by tractor driven trailers which run along the beaches or by walking. Like any typical beach, there are a wide range of water sports, including windsurfing, diving, snorkelling, kayaking and fishing. For the more adventurous you could take a Morro de Sao Paulo tour or go hiking or trekking in the mountains.

The village has a lively night life, concentrated along the main street, there you will find plenty of bars andM Morro de Sao Paulo restaurants. Beach parties are very popular and atractive, which no visitor should miss. To take back souvenirs and gifts, there is a permanent handicraft market located on the main square. Shops in Morro de Soa Paulo, restaurants, cybercafes, travel agencies, drugstores, are also available just like any other town. The difference is that the "streets" are usually unpaved and only accessed by pedestrian. You also get the chance to see parrots and little monkeys throughout the village's trees.

There are many places to stay, Morro de Sao Paulo hotels and pousadas are located throughout the village and on First, Second and Third Beach. Only a few hotels are on the Fourth Beach and Encanto Beach, making them a more intimate and peaceful place to stay. You can even use our interactive Morro de Sao Paulo map to choose your hotel in Morro de Sao Paulo depending on which beach appeals to you. The Second Beach is the most crowded, either by day or night, so if you want a quiet place to sleep it is better to choose some place on the Third, Fourth or Encanto Beach.

In Morro de São Paulo everything is near by! The length from the First Beach to the Third Beach is less than two kilometers. The Fourth Beach is four kilometers long and is almost isolated. Then, there is the peaceful Encanto Beach, which is two kilometers long. Each beach is quite distinct in nature. While the first two beaches have shops, restaurants and a lot of activity, the other three beaches are quieter and secluded. Here you can indulge in some good snorkelling or diving. Depending upon the activities or tours in Morro de Sao Paulo you choose on your holiday, you can book your pousada or Morro de Sao Paulo hotel by the beach.

Tinharé Island also has two other beaches, Garapuá on the south side and Gamboa to the north. Boipeba, the neighbor island, also has paradisiac beaches such as Coeira, Moreré, Boca da Barra and Bainema. Cairú, the third island, has no beaches, but it has one of the most ancient monasteries of Brazil, which is surrounded by mangroves.

This island is strategically placed and has served as a fortress in the past to defend itself from Dutch and French pirates. Today there are only remnants of its fortress, the Forte de São Paulo, which is open to the public. It is located at the north of Tinharé Island, to the south of Bahia. This region is also known as Tabuleiro Valenciano, but the most common name for it is Costa do Dendê. Because of its strategic geographic location, the island was repeatedly attacked by French and Dutch pirates and became a free land for them. Martim Afonso of Sousa, a Portuguese explorer, landed on this island in 1531. Than in 1535 Francisco Romero, a Spanish explorer, founded Morro de São Paulo Village and called it ‘Tynharéa'. Later, this name changed to ‘Tinharé' that is the most famous nowadays.

The Tinharé Channel is crucial to the region as it forms a route to deliver supplies to Salvador, which is capital of Bahia.  During the colonial period, a number of historical monuments were built which are now protected under the National Historical Patrimony. Morro de São Paulo is a very unique place, as you would expect from an island. Because of all the languages spoken there, sometimes you think you're not even in Brazil. However, having a little piece of everything makes Morro de São Paulo even more Brazilian.

Morro de Sao Paulo has many faces and can satisfy diversified tastes. There is plenty of Morro de Sao Paulo accommodations to choose from. There are Morro de Sao Paulo hotels for families, hostels for the backpackers, inns for young couples, apart hotels for the party maniacs and beachfront bungalows for honeymoon lovers. The Morro de Sao Paulo tours and activities available are diversified as well. You can choose short boat rides to long speed-boat tours, as well as Humpback whale watching, hiking, sailing and much more.

Morro de São Paulo provides it all for you - deserted beaches, all night parties, bars, restaurants, shops, and sunsets at the fort. Join us! It's amazing! You're sure to like it!

Transport from International Airport of Salvador to Morro de São Paulo airstrip via twin/single-engine planes.

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Transportation from Morro de São Paulo airstrip to the International Airport of Salvador is provided by twin/single-engine planes.

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Regular transport by plane from the International Airport of Salvador to Morro de São Paulo.

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Transportation by twin/single-engine planes from Morro de São Paulo to the International Airport of Salvador.

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Regular transportation by catamaran boat leaving Salvador towards Morro de São Paulo pier.

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Regular transportation by catamaran boat leaving Morro de São Paulo pier towards Salvador.

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Take a boat trip to Gamboa Beach, the clay bath, Coroa sand bank and Ponta do Curral beach.

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Take a tour that follows in the tradition of local fishing. The boat follows the fishermen's route, on board a traditional Saveiro boat, and illustrated fishing styles and methods on the high seas.

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Join our boat trip to some of the best spots of Boipeba Island. We stop at  Moreré and Bainema beaches, as well as the natural pools.

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Have you ever wanted to try your hand at sailing? Now's your chance. Have a go in this ideal place for first contact with sailing aboard a high-performance catamaran, and navigate the calm waters of Gamboa and the surrounding area.

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Take an amazing tour through the Atlantic forest, where you can get in straight contact with nature. Instead of travelling by boat, we use specially equipped 4x4 jeeps to reach Garapua beach. The changing landscapes are unforgettable.

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Welcome to Morro de São Paulo!

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