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Food & Cuisine in Morro de Sao Paulo

The restaurants in Morro de Sao Paulo are diverse and feature cuisine respresenting Bahia and general Brazilian cuisine.  Morro de Sao Paulo restaurants also serve great international fare. The food is good anywhere you go. You do not even need to leave your room, as most Morro de São Paulo hotels and pousadas serve great meals. Morro de São Paulo is cosmopolitan, with its arms open for anyone who decides to live or visit this wonderful island. This also is the reason for the large variety of styles in its cuisine.

Our Morro de Sao Paulo Restaurant Guide gives information about the local food & cuisine in Morro de Sao Paulo, as well as recommending some quality restaurants. Our Morro de Sao Paulo shopping guide gives some great souvenir and gifts ideas for your trip to the island. For some general information about the food and cuisine in Brazil see our Brazil Restaurant Guide.

Food & Cuisine in Morro De Sao Paulo

The food and cuisine of Morro De Sao Paulo has always been linked to the sea, with the most common dishes made up of fish, molluscs and crustaceans. The "Vermelho" and the "Cavala" are the most popular fish on the menu, whilst lobsters, shrimps and crustaceans such as crabs, Guaiamús or Aratus are also popular. Oysters are often served raw, while Lambretas (another species of mollusc) are prepared in a spiced broth. Another delicacy are soft-shell crabs which are cooked, shredded and served in their shell, or Sururú (a species of mussel) soup. Octopus and shrimp soup are also worth a try!

Morro de São Paulo is part of the region called Costa do Dendê (Dendê Coast), which is named after the palm tree (Dendezeiro) brought over from Africa with the first slaves. From the fruit of this palm the Dendê oil, or Palm oil, is extracted, becoming an essential ingredient for the most famous Bahian dishes. Among them are the typical Moqueca, a kind of stew made with seafood, coconut milk and Dendê oil.

The regional cuisine of Morro de Sao Paulo was also heavily influenced by Portuguese settlers and slaves. From the slaves we have the Fatada and from the Portuguese, the Sarapatel. These dishes are a kind of stew made with ox or pig's intestines. Among the most popular snacks is Tapioca, a starch extracted from the manioc (originally produced by the Indians), which is a light tasting and cheap option. The starch is fried in a kind of tortilla shape and can be filled with diverse ingredients including: cheese with oregano, cheese and ham, meat, chicken, coconut with condensed milk, and chocolate, amongst others.

We cannot forget to mention one of the most famous snacks in all Bahia state: the Acarajé. It's a recipe brought over by slaves, and is a kind of bean roll fried in dendê oil and filled with shimp, vatapá, caruru and salad. The Acarajé is often prepared and sold by "Baianas" - women in big white dresses and turbans - giving reference to its link to the Candomblé rituals.

Accompanying all this delicious and varied gastronomy are a range of delicious drinks. Natural juices are made from the most exotic fruits in the region including mangaba, graviola, acerola, cajá, cajú , cupuaçú, pitanga, siriguela, and cocoa. The mixing of tropical fruits with cachaça and vodka also provides the best drinks for parties, and also colour the night of the village on its drink stands.

Morro de São Paulo Restaurants

For a village away from mainstream activity, there are many good quality Morro de São Paulo restaurants. Broadway, the main street, has eateries on all sides. Most of them are open even for lunch, but one gets to see the buzz at these restaurants in Morro de Sao Paulo only in the evening. On the Second Beach you also find a great variety of Morro de Sao Paulo restaurants, as well as nice pubs. At the beginning of the Third Beach it is also possible to find some options of good Morro de Sao Paulo restaurants.

Note: While all restaurants mentioned here accept Visa or MasterCard, it is advisable to carry cash, as quite often the online authorisation can be out of service.